SIPER examines the decline of oil production in oil-exporting countries in relation to Peak Oil as well as the potential of renewable energy sources from the sun, wind, biomass and geothermal energy. SIPER promotes the long-term vision of a 100% renewable energy supply.

  • Ali al-Naimi
    «Cutting low-cost [oil] production to subsidize higher-cost supplies only delays an inevitable reckoning.»

    Ali al-Naimi (*1935), is the Saudi Arabian Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources.

    Quoted: Ali al-Naimi at the IHS-CERAWeek-conference, cited in: RT (2016) - Saudi Arabia declares open war on shale (published 24-02-2016)
    Origin of photo: Paradoxicalengineer / CC BY-SA 3.0

  • Fatih Birol
    «The United States will never be a major oil exporter. Their import needs are getting less but the US is not becoming Saudi Arabia ... Their production growth is good to diversify the market but it will not solve the world's oil problems.»

    Fatih Birol (*1958), Director of the International Energy Agency (IEA) in Paris.

    Quoted: Dr. Fatih Birol in: Kahn, M., 2005. United States will not become the 'new Saudi Arabia' of global energy. The Telegraph (published 26-02-2015).
    Origin of photo: IAEA Imagebank / CC BY-SA 2.0

  • George W. Bush
    «America is addicted to oil and increasing amounts of this oil comes from abroad. Some of the nations we depend on for oil have unstable governments or are hostile towards the United States.»

    George W. Bush (*1946), President of the USA 2001-2009

    Quoted: Speech on April 16, 2006 in Washington. Published by the White House.
    Origin of photo: smiteme / CC BY 2.0

  • Günther Öttinger
    «My fear is that the global consumption of oil is going to increase, but European oil consumption has already reached its peak. The amount of oil available globally, I think, has already peaked.»

    Günther Öttinger (*1953) is a German politician of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU). He became European Commissioner for Energy in the European Commission on 10 February 2010.

    Quoted: Reuters, "Global oil availability has peaked -EU energy chief" (10 November 2010)
    Origin of photo: Friends of Europe / CC BY 2.0

  • Noam Chomsky
    «I mean scientists overwhelmingly recognise that most of the fossil fuels have to be left in the ground if our grandchildren are going to have decent prospects. But the institutional structures of our society are pressuring to try to extract every drop. The effects, the human consequences, of the predicted effects of climate change in the not very distant future, are catastrophic and we are racing toward that precipice.»

    Noam Chomsky (*1928), American Professor Emeritus for Linguistics and Philosophy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in an interview for the Dissident Voice.

    Quoted: Chomsky, N., 2015. US is world's biggest terrorist. Euronews, published 17-04-2015, http://www.euronews.com/2015/04/17/chomsky-says-us-is-world-s-biggest-terrorist/ (accessed 24-04-2015).
    Origin of photo: Andrew Rusk / CC BY 2.0

  • Bill Clinton
    «A significant number of petroleum geologists believe that we will reach the global maximum of petroleum extraction within this decade or that we have already reached it. Peak Oil happened in 1970 in America, when over half of our oil that we gained from the soil was exhausted ... This is very disturbing, regardless of global warming.»

    Bill Clinton (*1946), President of the USA 1993–2000.

    Quoted: Lecture on June 16, 2006 at the Association of Alternative Newsmedia (AAN) Annual Convention in Little Rock, USA.
    Origin of photo: Justin Ruckman / CC BY 2.0

  • Peter Voser
    «The IEA forecasts that production from oilfields, which have started production up to 2011, will nearly drop two-thirds by 2035.»

    Peter Voser (*1958), CEO Shell 1999-2013.

    Quoted: Peter Voser, CEO Shell, quoted in: Ende des Ölrausches? Notenstein Gespräch, December 2013
    Origin of photo: Friends of Europe / CC BY 2.0

  • Ueli Maurer
    «The great powers are in a global race for coveted resources.»

    Ueli Maurer (*1950), Federal Councilor and in 2013 President of the Swiss Confederation.

    Quoted: Lecture in Berne in front of the Swiss Petrol Association, 24. June 2011
    Origin of photo: Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores / CC BY-SA 2.0

  • George Soros
    «Everything adds up to a major crisis. Humanity is faced with a global energy crisis ... The core of the crisis lies in the increasing shortage of oil.»

    George Soros (*1930), Hungarian billionaire and investor, Chairman der Soros Fund Management LLC.

    Quoted: George Soros: «Die Ära der Fehlentscheidungen». Finanzbuchverlag, Munich 2007, p. 213 and 214.
    Origin of photo: boellstiftung / CC BY-SA 2.0

  • Frank Shuman
    «One thing I know for sure. If mankind does not learn how to harness the power of the sun, he will ultimately fall back into barbary.»

    Frank Shuman (1862-1918), was an American inventor, engineer and solar energy pioneer .

    Quoted: Frank Dittmann (2014). Frank Shuman und die Solarenergie. Kultur & Technik 2/2014, Deutsches Museum, p. 65.
    Origin of photo: Hagley Museum and Library / Public Domain

  • Barack Obama
    «To break our addiction to oil is one of the greatest challenges that our generation will have to master.»

    Barack Obama (*1961), was President of the US from 2009 to 2017.

    Quoted: «Obama will strategische Ölreserven anzapfen». Neue Zürcher Zeitung August 5, 2008.
    Origin of photo: DVIDSHUB / CC BY 2.0

  • Mathis Wackernagel
    «We have to prepare our cities for the increasing scarcity of resources by increasing their density and energy efficiency.»

    Mathis Wackernagel (*1962), Swiss progressive thinker in the area of sustainability. President of the Global Footprint Network, Oakland/ California.

    Quoted: "Cleantech allein ist nicht genug" Cleantech.ch, November 17, 2011.
    Origin of photo: Friends of Europe / CC BY 2.0

  • Michael Kumhof
    «A key impact of recent events was a very persistent, if not permanent shock in the oil supply. This was caused as the oil industry hit geological boundaries, which meant that it could no longer maintain the historic growth rates in petroleum extraction.»

    Michael Kumhof is leading economist in the model-group of the research department of the International Monetary Fund

    Quoted: Benes, J., Chauvet, M., Kamenik, O., Kumhof, M., Laxton, D., Marsula, S., Selony, J., 2012. The Future of Oil - Geology versus Technology. International Monetary Fund, Research Department, WP-12-109, 32 p.
    Origin of photo: global-utmaning / CC BY 2.0

  • Arthur Berman
    «I'm all for shale plays but let's be honest about things, after all! Production from shale is not a revolution; it’s a retirement party.»

    Arthur Berman Principal and Consulting Geologist, Labyrinth Services

    Quoted: OilPrice, "Shale, the Last Oil and Gas Train: Interview with Arthur Berman" (5. März 2014)
    Origin of photo: ASPO USA / All rights reserved

  • T. Boone Pickens
    «For decades, our dependence on OPEC oil has dictated our national security decisions and tied us up in the Middle East at an incredible price. We’ve spent more than $5 trillion and thousands of American soldiers have died securing Middle East oil.»

    T. Boone Pickens (*1928), is an American business magnate and financier.

    Quoted: Pickens, T.B., 2014. A false sense of energy security. Politico Magazine, http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2014/11/oil-prices-are-dropping-so-what-112607_full.html (accessed 13-11-2014).
    Origin of photo: Steve Jurvetson / CC BY 2.0

  • Vladimir Putin
    «One of the most important tasks is to broaden the energy supply … Energy determines today international security and social as well as economic development in many respects. In reality the wellbeing of millions of people is directly dependent in energy security.»

    Vladimir Putin (*1952), President of the Russian Federation since 2012.

    Quoted: Speech on Februar 11, 2006 at the G8 Summit in St. Petersburg, Russia. Publication of the Russian Embassy.
    Origin of photo: Global Panorama / CC BY-SA 2.0

  • Mohssen Massarrat
    «I consider a global energy transition and a comprehensive use of renewable energies as indispensable. I dare to make the prediction, that by doing so, the world could also be more democratic, just and peaceful.»

    Mohssen Massarrat (*1942), is Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the Department of Social Sciences, Osnabrück University.

    Quoted: Frankfurter Rundschau, "Welt finanziert die US-Kriege mit" (07 October 2014)
    Origin of photo: Mohssen Massarrat / All Rights Reserved