About us

The Swiss Institute for Peace and Energy Research (SIPER) was founded as an independent institute in 2011 and is based in Basel.

At SIPER, its founder and Director Dr. Daniele Ganser and his team analyze the global fight over oil from a geo-strategic perspective and research the potential of renewable sources of energy. SIPER publishes its findings and data to the interested public. SIPER is supported by committed business partners and values its scientific co-operation with partners in the research sector. SIPER’s main output are public lectures. Further SIPER products are interviews, studies and books.


SIPER Vision

SIPER follows a clear vision: 100% regenerative energy and an exit out of the spiral of violence. In the area of energy research, SIPER is committed to a vision of a world that entirely runs on sustainable renewable energies. Concerning peace research, SIPER envisions a world where conflicts are solved with respect and through dialogue – without violence, torture, terror and war. It is not sure whether these optimistic visions can be realized. We are certainly still very far away from such a world. Pessimists may even predict the opposite scenario: endless wars over increasingly scarce resources might destroy large parts of the environment and decimate the population.