• Sophie Scholl indymedia (CC BY-SA 2.0 DE)
    «Even if I do not understand much about politics, and do not have the ambition to do so, I do have a bit of a sense of what is right and wrong. And I could cry when I see how mean the people in big politics are, how they betray their brothers for some small personal advantage ... We all carry our moral standards within us, only too few ever really look for them. Maybe this is because these are the harshest standards.»

    Sophie Scholl (1921-1943) in a letter she wrote as a nineteen year old to her fiancé Fritz Hartnagel. The German resistance fighter of the group "White Rose", which called for disobedience to the Nazi dictatorship, was arrested in 1943 along with her brother Hans while distributing leaflets at Munich University. Four days later, both were charged with "high treason" and "undermining military morals" and beheaded with the guillotine.

    Quoted: Sönke Zankel: «Mit Flugblättern gegen Hitler» (Köln: Böhlau Verlag, 2008), p. 95.